Take control of your health as a woman

Nurse and founder of health boutique Milelo Health, Nongcebo Nsibande, shares her insights to help you take more control of your female health. 

What are the most common female health issues/concerns that you deal with?

Prevention of pregnancy, symptomatic consultations and cervical cancer screenings.

What are three key things that women should always consider when it comes to their health and seeking medical assistance?

● There is no wrong question.

● Involve yourself in your treatment plan.

● An alternative/second opinion is your right.

Nongcebo Nsibande
Nongcebo Nsibande
Image: Supplied

What are the key reasons women don’t address sexual/reproductive/female health issues until there is a problem?

There are a number of reasons that I’ve come across, and the ones that come across more often than not is misinformation from their immediate circles. Also that they never knew that it was okay to come for a check-up while you are “healthy ”.

With the world being very wellness - focused, what are the natural practices women who don’t like drugs/medicine can incorporate into their lifestyle that will aid in better female health?

I’m a firm believer in keeping it simple when it comes to our collective health. Clean, warm water without any additives is the place to start and stay for feminine hygiene. The food we eat definitely needs to be nutritious, more organic than processed. Documenting our natural body changes on a weekly basis that will set up a baseline for one to be able to see when things aren’t functioning as normal and lastly, always consult your healthcare provider if you have concerns.