Starting to invest doesn't have to be difficult

South Africa is receiving investments.
South Africa is receiving investments.
Image: 123RF/dolgachov

Everyone knows they should be saving and investing but it’s easy to keep putting this off.

While saving is difficult at any age, it is particularly hard for younger people just starting out who may be earning starting salaries, have more demands on their money and are perhaps less skilled at budgeting.

Helena Conradie, the CEO of Satrix, an investment company, says the best way to make saving part of your life is to set up a monthly debit order which then takes the decision out of your hands each month and renders it to habit. “Time passes more quickly than you think and soon you’ll have a growing lump sum which will hopefully encourage you to save more,” says Conradie.

When it comes to investing, novices may be overwhelmed, not knowing where to start. For this reason, it is important to know which vehicles offer the best value and are easy to navigate. 

It is important to look out for platforms that cater to all forms of investors, from the beginner to the advanced. Security is another important consideration so one must look for transparancy, which will allow you to track all your investments.

Certain products, like SatrixNOW allow one to invest with no minimum investment amount, allowing you to start with the amount you have available at the life stage you may find yourself in.  


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