Fitness expert shares tips for the perfect squat

Group of young people doing a kettle bell exercise along with squatting. (Photo by rido/123RF)
Group of young people doing a kettle bell exercise along with squatting. (Photo by rido/123RF)

It might be a classic move in the gym, but many of us still get the humble squat wrong. If you're still unsure if you're doing it right, then Kayla Itsines has shared her top tips on Instagram this week, as well as some ideas on how you can switch up the squat.

The fitness expert posted an easy-to-follow video along with some pointers about how to do the move, stressing the importance of correct form not only to achieve maximum results but also for safety reasons. 

In the post she covers five different ways of doing the move, including a wall squat (to be done with a Fit Ball), a sit squat (with a chair), a goblet squat (with a dumbbell) and a box squat and a classic squat (both to be done with a barbell), giving advice on posture as well as how to handle your equipment safely.

As Kayla says in her post, exercises such as squats are a great way of building strength. They can also be done without any weight and by using your own body as resistance, with the Mayo Clinic also touting bodyweight training as a great way to get an effective cardio and strength workout which boosts metabolism, fitness, endurance and works several muscle groups at once.

According to the Mayo Clinic, squats are particularly good for targeting the quadriceps and the hamstring muscles, which can boost your performance in a variety of other sports as well as help protect your knees. If you're still unsure about if you're getting it right, they also have more information online about how to master the move.

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