5 minutes with Msaki

29 April 2019 - 00:00
By Thabile Mokone
Singer-songwriter Msaki
Image: Supplied Singer-songwriter Msaki

Singer-songwriter Msaki has steadily been climbing the charts since the release of her debut album. Her recent features on some of the hottest tracks doing the rounds have only seen the songstress rise even higher.

When did you discover that you wanted to become a musician?

I can’t exactly pinpoint the time to be honest, but I feel like music has always been embedded in me. My grandfather was a composer and my dad a choirmaster.

Growing up, what other interests did you have?

In school, I played provincial hockey and national tennis. I was very athletic and everyone thought I was going to continue with sports and were shocked that I can actually sing. A lot of people that know me from school know me for sports.

What is your songwriting process?

I need to write often to process my thoughts, so I write daily. I have become methodical in my writing. Writing has become a coping mechanism for me. I don’t always wait for inspiration to come to me but I take references, maybe like a line, from my journal entries and sometimes the music will start attaching itself to that process when I am practicing my guitar or something like that.

How has working with big names such as Black Coffee, Prince Kaybee and Tresor shaped and inspired your music journey?

I have learned so much, especially from working with Black Coffee. There is something to take from everyone. I loved working with Tresor as he is one of my song writing partners. We just block off time and we write as much as we can. I have also noticed a different kind of sound, electronic sound, seep into my own style.

For anyone, coming to your shows or buying your music, what can fans expect?

I am very organic. My songs are intimate and homely. Performing songs like Prince Kaybee’s Fetch Your Life has taught me something else about performing without my guitar.

What do you fear?

I fear not living up to my full potential. I am scared to die with all this music in me! I think that is my biggest fear. I like to document my thoughts. We aren’t always guaranteed another day and I would like to put my music out there.