#Beauty: Our beauty editor answers your burning questions

05 April 2019 - 00:00
By Nokubonga Thusi
Image: Supplied Beauty Editor, Nokubonga Thusi

Question: The weather is still pretty hot, even though it’s autumn. How do I stop my foundation from slipping off by lunch time but still not apply a lot of products?

Thabile, Keble Park

Answer: We’re still experiencing so much humidity, even though it’s a transitional season. No one likes make-up slippage, so you could invest in a really good, silicon-like texture primer that will grab into the skin and create a great base for your foundation to adhere to.

A way to identify the perfect primer texture? When dispensing the primer on the hand, it’s silky and lightweight. As soon as you spread it, it becomes a bit velvety, with a paste-like feeling and loses its slip as it spreads.

A trick that I’ve loved to use lately is applying a super lightweight layer of coverage mixed with a liquid highlighter on the skin then buffing a powder foundation all over the face in circular motions. Not only does it supply you with a second layer of coverage but sets the foundation – it won’t move all day and surprisingly doesn’t leave a cakey powdery look.

Question: My hair tangles a lot when I wash it, making combing out so painful. What can I do?

Nombuso, Alberton

Answer: Afro-textured hair is very susceptible to tangling, no matter how much you try to combat it by braiding your hair or sleeping with a headscarf on.

Though these practices definitely help, the shampoo process can undo all your efforts. The next time it’s your wash day, try applying a pre-poo solution of normal conditioner and hair oil.

This has helped me a great deal in minimising those detangling tears. Section the hair into four and wet each section before working the solution through the hair in a milking motion.

Leave the solution in for a couple of minutes under a shower cap before washing it out and shampooing as normal.

Finger-tangle the hair while it is towel dry and you will find the hair much softer now.

Lastly, spray on a solution of a leave-in conditioner and water mixed in a spray bottle, especially at the ends where knots occur a lot.