5 things to do this Valentine’s Day if you’re single

1. Self Care/DIY:

Pop psychology is nipples-deep in love with the idea of loving yourself - and with good reason. Who is going to love you more than you love yourself? How can you care for others if you can’t care for yourself? (Insert another vacuous Instagram quote about loving yourself.) In practice, what this means is couples don’t have to be the only ones having fun on Valentine’s Day. All you need are some candles, your favourite lotion and an internet connection … with those ingredients, and some dim lighting, you’re bound to have a wonderfully romantic night with yourself.

2. Take to social media:

Perhaps you’re not ready to spend an evening strumming your own guitar. If that’s the case, never fear because the internet is full of options and a popular one is maniacally posting about how Valentine’s Day is a farce concocted by the diabolical capitalist machine which has warped our concept of love. Alternatively, you could post memes about how lonely you are or even angrily stalk your ex and silently stew about how he never used to do that with you.

3. Get creative:

The internet isn’t the only option - you could channel your inner Lord Byron, take pen to pad, and wax lyrical about unrequited love. Or grab an adult colouring book and pour all your angst into a wonderfully colourful mandala.

4. Go visit your parents/grandparents:

They’re the reason you are here so, if anyone deserves to be your Valentine, it’s them.

5. Gatecrash:

Let’s face it, you know where your hitched friends are going and it looks like fun. They’ll have a lifetime of other Valentine’s Days to celebrate by themselves; this one is for you.

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