Looking for love? Five shows that reveal how far some people will go

Bryan Abasolo, Rachel Lindsey, Chris Harrison in ABC's 'The Bachelorette' Season 13
Bryan Abasolo, Rachel Lindsey, Chris Harrison in ABC's 'The Bachelorette' Season 13
Image: Paul Hebert via Getty Images

People want love but how far will they go to find it? Looking at some of the shows that have and are gracing our screens, it’s clear that people are willing to do almost anything in the pursuit of love.

Last night SABC 3 premiered the latest in this craze with an adventure dating show, The Longest Date, where eight couples battle it out to see if their producer-matched couplings are the real deal or simply a farce.

“It’s an extreme adventure dating competition. We take sixteen singles, strangers…we pair them up and they get to go through a series of challenges,” says Chris Jafta, the host of the show.

Jaftha adds: “They’ve got to win the challenges to avoid elimination. So the challenges are there as a guide to cultivate love and there is a cash prize at the end. There are a couple of twists and turns, so it’s gonna make for great viewing.”

Jaftha explains that the couples were paired based on personality tests and then compete in extremely physical and challenging activities to see if they truly are perfect matches. But of course, as with any reality TV series, it needs a splash of drama.

“There is drama, there is action, and there is comedy. You get to choose your favourite couple and you root for them…and hopefully they win. There are definitely villains, there are heroes, so there is something in it for everyone.”

But did anyone actually find love from such a show or was it all about the moola at the end of the day?

Jafta laughingly tells us that there are couples that indeed find love, while others the love “may not necessarily last” and even those who really just wanted to win the prize money. He nonetheless still believes in love.

“Let’s just say that it is possible.”

And with that, here are four other crazy TV shows where people still believe it’s possible to find love.

Are you the one?

Do you struggle to separate your young heart from your brain in matters of love? Then this is the show for you, where twenty very young people attempt to find their perfect matches with the help of a laser scanning, truth booth. Already paired up by producers, contestants have ten weeks to find the perfect match and win $500 000. 

Dating Naked

A man and a woman strip naked on a beautiful and exotic beach before embarking on a date where they can connect, apparently without any stereotypes or preconceptions. We stan staying true to yourself with any new potential baes but stripping to your birthday suit is surely taking it too far.

Temptation Island

Four couples are dropped off on an island only to be tempted by sexy, single people who simply want to find love with someone already in a relationship? Yes, a couple’s loyalty is tested by single people throwing themselves at them and audiences keep watching this hot mess because who wouldn’t want to see that drama?

The Bachelor

ABC's 'The Bachelor'
ABC's 'The Bachelor'
Image: Aaron Poole via Getty Images

The Bachelor sees over 30 women vying for the attention of one man as week after week he eliminates them until there are only two left. He will then choose his one true love a few minutes after breaking up with his second girlfriend. Why anyone would choose to go have their heart torn apart in front of millions while your boyfriend kisses, goes on dates and even gets it on in pools and hot tubs with 30 other women is beyond us, but we love watching it all. And now we have our very own Bachelor SA to judge and ridicule when it airs on Valentine’s Day.

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