Grooming: men's spa treatments you can easily try at home

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Spa days, pamper parties, and #selfcareeveryday. You have probably heard these terms being thrown around by your female friends. And you may have wondered what women do on these selfcare days, or think that spas are incense-infused, girls-only domains.

However, men are increasingly interested in taking this type of time out for themselves. “Nowadays, most men take as much pride in their physique as women do, and we should not underestimate the impact it has on their state of mind and ambition,” says Dr Anushka Reddy, founder of Medi-Sculpt.

“The men more prone to book a non-surgical procedure are highly driven corporate types, as they hope refreshed appearance will help them get ahead of the game in this competitive job market. 

They enjoy the feeling of having control over their appearance, as well as their careers,” Reddy says. “Another driver is men seeking partners. Men who are in their 50s or who are divorced are looking for partners and want to present their best version of self.”

Thankfully, with the booming growth of the male-grooming industry, more establishments are taking note of the need for men to have their own unique forms of sanctuary. Whether you are wanting to look more presentable in the workplace, are a newbie to the dating field, or just need to recuperate after a long year, the idea of male wellness and grooming, in all its forms, is no longer taboo.

At-Home Spa Routines

No two men are alike in their grooming treatment preferences: some are open enthusiasts and enjoy going to the spa; others would rather indulge in the comfort of their own home. If you want to create your own spa sanctuary at home, invest in products that will elevate your grooming routine, as well as give your skin all the benefits of professional treatments.

The misconception about male grooming is that it has to be a lengthy process to be effective, but at-home treatments can be as long or as short as you need them to be. Facial masks are the best products to use for effective results, as they contain higher concentrations of active ingredients and can make an instant difference to your skin — and they require minimal effort to apply.

Apply a detoxifying mud or hydrating, leave on mask and let it work its magic while you catch up on sports highlights or a session of Fifa19.

Sounds like a plan. Though most of us prefer a quick shower after a work day, making the most of a bath session every once in a while can prove quite rejuvenating and doesn’t have to be as time consuming as sitting in a sauna or having a Turkish hammam ritual treatment.

Add muscle-easing salts or oils to your bath to de-stress. Instead of using a body wash, try an aromatherapeutic, exfoliating body scrub with oil to hydrate the skin while buffing away any dryness.

This article first appeared in print in the Sowetan S Mag December 2018 edition.

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