31 Days of cocktails: Local is lekker with a rooibos cocktail!

07 December 2018 - 11:20
By S Mag
Image: Wanida Prapan/123RF

Keep it local with this rooibos inspired drink. Paired up with vodka and other natural ingredients it is sure to quench your thirst this Friday.

Rooibos Punch

Makes: 1


60ml Red Eye Louieā€™s VodQuila

15ml Lemon Juice

11.25ml Ginger Syrup

11.25ml Fynbos Honey Syrup

90ml Rooibos Tea


Boil rooibos tea and allow to cool. In a shaker pour a double shot of vodka, add the lemon juice, ginger and fynbos honey syrups. Combine the cooled rooibos tea then shake and serve in a tall glass. Garnish with some grated nutmeg on top.