Inside Thuso Mbedu's New York trip

20 November 2018 - 10:43
By Aneesa Adams
Image: Instagram/Thuso Mbedu

Isithunzi actress Thuso Mbedu flew the South African flag high after being nominated for an international Emmy award, this was the second time in a row she was nominated. The ceremony was held in New York city last night and Mbedu lost to German actress Anna Schudt. Mbedu travelled to New York a few days ahead of the ceremony.

Living it up on the streets of New York, here are some memorable moments from her time in the States.

Last night's ceremony showed Mbedu's true beauty. Strutting the red carpet in a proudly South African design by fashion designer Kentse Masilo, she truly shined. 

The 27 year old was out and about living her best life in the New York City snow. She mentioned that she has no desire to experience it again. 

Mbedu and her crew came for everything in theirt matching pajamas. We love this dance! 

Looking colourful in Manhattan, Mbedu braved the cold and showed off some street style.

While using the Subway, she also decided to share some tips with us on New York transportation. Just like Joburg the traffic is a nightmare. 

Traditionally all nominees attend the International Emmy medal ceremony ahead of the awards. After receiving hers she decided to roam the streets of New York and show her medal off at the same time!