How to keep fit and fresh all day

Shield ambassador Mapule Ndhlovu, AKA Queen Fitnass, shares the secret to her confidence with Karabo Kgoleng

Mapule Ndhlovu goes through the paces during a workout./Photos / Shield South Africa
Mapule Ndhlovu goes through the paces during a workout./Photos / Shield South Africa

We all want to live our best lives, but given the current economic climate, many necessities have become luxuries.

Fortunately, maintaining good personal hygiene is not just about social grace, it is about health and psychological wellbeing, and it contributes to a positive work environment.

"I don't recall exactly when I first came into contact with deodorant, but I remember my mother buying it for me. I think I was 13 years old. Mom just said, 'Girl, you better start using deo!'" Mapule Ndhlovu says.

As a body-conscious person, deodorant is not just about hygiene, it allows for her to feel more comfortable in her own skin.

Ndhlovu has been a personal trainer for three years. She says that she didn't choose her career, it chose her. She used to spend her days helping out at the daycare centre at her home, while trying to figure out what she could do with her life. She started aerobics classes and one day a representative of the Institute for Fitness Professionals spotted her and signed her up. The rest is history.

Mapule Ndhlovu, Shield ambassador
Mapule Ndhlovu, Shield ambassador

Ndhlovu leads a disciplined life. Her typical day begins at 4.30am and ends at 9.30pm. Personal grooming is essential in her line of work and her body care routine is non-negotiable. "Brushing my teeth, showering before and after my workouts, and managing my perspiration are very important," she says.

It might sound unusual for one to shower before working up a sweat, but she finds that it freshens her up.

Body odour is a sensitive topic and addressing it with others causes some embarrassment. "It's a tricky one, because sometimes confrontation is not ayoba," she laughs.

"I am not the type of person who would say anything if someone has a body odour issue, but if I have a relationship with that person, I would bring up the topic in light conversation. I would ask what deodorant they use and talk about what I use. Hopefully, that would help that person to start thinking about the use of deodorant."

It's not all work and no play, though. Mapule loves to dance and takes kizomba and salsa classes. She also dances socially and is a cinephile. "Oh, and I love my sleep," she says.

Queen Fitnass's favourite Shield product is the Shield Invisible Black and White roll-on. "It gives me the ultimate protection and there's no stains on my clothes - it really works! I would advise people to try the different products across the Shield range until they find the deodorant that is right for them. I prefer subtle scents over strong ones, but we have different tastes and everyone must find what is right for them." 

You can follow Mapule on social media @QueenFitnass.

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