#Relationships: Petty reasons why our fashion team would say no to a guy

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We are headed for the festive season – also known as the “break-up season”. It’s a time of year when ghosting is prevalent.  There are ways to avoid this and one might be to follow the old adage “prevention is better than cure” and take note of those small warning signs when weighing up a potential love interest.

A big part of that is listening to that little voice in your head that says: “Oh no, he wears white shoes,” which might make him a definite pass in your estimation.  Yes, you might be told how petty you are but, to be honest, who isn’t? Listening to your gut feeling could save you from a bad relationship. Here are the team’s seemingly petty reasons to be put off a prospective partner.

Poor spelling

"It’s a real turn-off for me to receive messages from someone who hasn’t mastered the basic rules of spelling and grammar. I am not going to judge them if the written word isn’t their thing (especially if English isn’t their first language) but everyone is capable of using spell check. If you don’t pay attention to the finer details of your words, it makes me think you won’t be any good at paying attention to me either." - Theresa, Chief sub editor

The hunger look

"Dry, chapped lips are a no-no. After all, it’s the first thing you see when looking at someone." - Nothemba, features writer 

Squeaky voice

"Squeaky voices are not my thing; I just don’t like high-pitched sounds in general. I prefer a much deeper sounding tone in the voice."- Nokubonga, beauty editor

The show-off

"I will definitely pass on anyone who revs their car; it’s a total deal-breaker for me." -Sahil, fashion assistant

Athi, junior designer

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but sometimes effort can take you a long way. I also feel like when we are walking together in public, you are a representation of me and no one likes being misrepresented." - Athi, junior designer

Golf GTI squad

"I judge men who drive a Golf GTI. When I see them, I begin to question their maturity, financial status and their EQ."- Zola, editorial assistant

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