Eminem takes performance of new song to new heights

Eminem inside the Empire State Building
Image: Instagram/eminem

In true Eminem style he has taken things to a whole new level, literally. Last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live show  boasted Eminem performing the song Venom from his latest surprise album Kamikaze on the Empire State Building (ESB). 

Google's  new Pixel's 3 phones are set to release soon and most parts of the video was actually shot by one of the phones. With an accompanying light show the lights synced with the music from the song. 

In an article by music website NME he was shot from a circling helicopter at the top of the of the iconic New York City (NYC) landmark which was specially shot for Jimmy Kimmel Live!  

Kamikaze is the 10th studio album from Eminem and has actually obliterated the charts. In an article by Forbes magazine they describe the album as a lyrical and verbal tour de force, with dizzying raps which support his claims of being truly great, well from a technical standpoint that is. Either way fans loved the performance! 

Let's take a look at Twitter reactions from last nights performance:

Some fans have strange ways of showing the love for the rap god, nevertheless the support is real and fans were super excited. 

WATCH| Eminem performs 'Venom' from the Empire State Building in NYC