Woody McClain steps back into character

Bobby Brown pictured on the left and Woody McClain pictured on the right
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American actor Woody McClain has risen to the occasion a second time, after playing Bobby Brown in The New Edition Story last year. He reveals that he and Brown have similar traits, so stepping back into character was a walk in the park. 

 “Bobby knows what he wants and I am that way too - nobody can tell me anything. If this is what I want it to be like, you can’t tell me that it can’t be that way. I feel like we’re both very determined people,” says McClain.

In the movie, it is clear Brown has struggled with many challenges in his life. While on set, there were times when he broke down but the actor says his presence contributed to his stellar performance. 

Woody McClain on the set of The Bobby Brown Story
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“With Bobby on set it made me feel at ease, so that if I had any problems or questions I could go to the guy that actually lived the life - you know what I mean. It definitely helped tremendously. If he hadn’t been on set, it would have been a different story. I’m super excited that he was there,” he says. 

McClain believes family is important, as does Brown.

"Family has always been his number one priority. The biggest thing I learnt while playing Bobby Brown was that he is all about family. I would have thought that it would be all about Bobby, you know everything that he’s done was only for himself, but you see the bigger picture is that it has always been his family, it has always been his kids. 

“It’s great to have a better appreciation for Bobby Brown because a lot of people had preconceived notions of him. They are getting to know him better as a person and his contribution to music,” says McClain.

Brown, who is known for his sensual, striking dance moves, put his body double to work.

Woody McClain in a dance scene
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 "I’m definitely not a natural born dancer but I got a chance to work with Fatima Robinson. She’s worked with so many legends - Aaliyah, Michael Jackson - and she was a dancer for Bobby Brown as well, so she did a really great job at whipping me back into shape. I also had to lose weight for the movie, so that was a lot of fun.”

The Bobby Brown Story was released on BET Africa last weekend. The biopic digs deep into the life and times of performer couple Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. It goes through Bobby’s rise and downfall, as well as the death of Houston in 2012, and their daughter Bobbi Kristina in 2015. 

Fans might be surprised by some of the biopic’s revelations - who knew Brown had a relationship with Janet Jackson? 

According to tweets, fans are disappointed that the movie is skewed in Brown's favour and even portrays Houston as a bad mother. While Houston isn’t alive to defend herself, could it possibly obscure the angelic image her fans have of her?

In a panel discussion held on Friday, the authenticity of the film was upheld by the cast members. 

Luke Cage actress Gabrielle Dennis plays the role of Whitney Houston.

Where to watch it

The show will be repeating on Sunday 30 September 2018 at 8PM on BET channel 129

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