Get that skin glow

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Knowing how to glow takes the correct amount of time and effort. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and looking after it is quite important. Beautiful and youthful looking skin is causing all the rage and social media plays a huge role in this new trend. In the age of Instagram and Facebook looking flawless is a must.

Founder and scientific director at Environ Skin Care, Dr Des Fernandes reveals that vitamin A is the answer to flawless skin. Environ has unveiled its recent skin care range targeting specific skin care concerns. The Focus Care range is made up of three ranges the Youth+ for smoother, younger looking skin, Moisture+ to deliver moisture to dehydrated and dull skin and Comfort+ to relieve and sooth sensitive skin.

Image: 123RF

Dr Des says that UV exposure is the cause of us losing vitamin A in both our skin and blood so caution must be practiced when out in the sun. “Most damage happens in the first 18 years of our life. To prevent skin damage due to the deficiency of Vitamin A we need to apply it topically twice daily. If you correct the deficiency, you can restore skin to its optimal health.”

He says that the key is maintenance and gradual introductions of vitamin A and antioxidants. “Once you have developed a good skin routine, you can target your specific skin care concern.”

He also explains that investing in your skin can help prevent damage.

“ I believe that by investing in skin by looking after it on a long-term basis, everyone truly can have beautiful skin for life.”

The road to beautiful skin is a long one but the rewards are endless, I mean who doesn’t want that special glow?