Five times Lalla Hirayama gave us life in 2018

10 August 2018 - 08:00
By zola zingithwa
South African TV presenter Lalla  Hirayama during an interview. Picture: Tsheko Kabasia / Sunday World.
South African TV presenter Lalla Hirayama during an interview. Picture: Tsheko Kabasia / Sunday World.

This year marks 100 years since Japan first established presence in South Africa.  As part of the celebrations of the centenary anniversary of the bilateral relationship between the two countries, the Japanese embassy is hosting a number of celebrations including hosting Japanese musical duo, CoRai who will tour the country, including a performance in Cape Town tonight. 

To commemorate this bond between the two countries, we decided it was the perfect time to celebrate South Africa’s very own ninja, Ms. Lalla Hirayama!

Here are 5 moments in 2018 when Lalla Hirayama has given us #lifegoals.

1. When she shows her love for her family and heritage

Lalla was born in Japan to a Japanese mother and a Jewish father, who is also a nyanga. Although she left Japan at a young age, living in Australia and then moving to South Africa, she has never forgotten her roots. She might be an international entertainment personality, but she proudly displays her Japanese heritage for the world to see. Even her Instagram name is written with Japanese characters! Many can learn from her that you can be proud of your identity and still enjoy the fruits of making it in life!

2. When she delivers hard with fashion

Moghel does not call herself a style ninja for nothing. She knows how to bring it! Whether it is as a TV presenter, while hosting an event or simply posing for Instagram, Lalla knows how to dress to the nines. Below are some of our favourite looks in 2018.

Waiting on my 30th birthday like...

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Your Asian persuasion 🔞 Outfit @quiteria_george 📸 @photogeniustats

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3. When she shows off her dance skills

Many fans might not even realise that Lalla first burst onto the entertainment scene as a dancer, even performing with local icons such as Lebo Mathosa and Skwatta Kamp. Although her career has traversed TV presenting gigs, being a reality competition judge and even acting, you can see that the dancing queen inside of her still wants to burst forth at every chance. Luckily for her, her day job gives her ample opportunities to show off her dance moves.

4. When she was #travelgoals

Browse through Lalla’s Instagram feed and tell us you don’t turn green with envy! Not only does she have amazing jobs that pay for her to jet set around the world in style (ahem, business class), she also has some of the most amazing travel pictures. We have to wonder, does she travel with a personal photographer and art director? How else does she keep snapping such amazing pictures?

Merci Paris ❤️🇫🇷 @mnettv #lallaland #mnetmovies #missionimpossible

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For the culture 📸 @mitsuru_wakabayashi

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5. When she surprised us with her hidden comedic chops

The roast of Somizi (or Ntsiki Mazwai) delivered in more ways than one. News anchor Joanne Joseph was not the only shock comedienne of the night, because Ms. Lalla Hirayama herself showed that she can be a funny girl if she wants to be. Both she and Mojak Lehoko hosted the pre-and post-roast shows. Clearly Comedy Central knew what they were doing when they paired Lalla with Mojak, because the two of them were hilarious.