Has Rihanna gone too far with thee brows?

Image: Getty Images

Change is inevitable and we can definitely say that about eyebrow styles. .

With Rihanna’s recent appearance on British Vogues front cover it had many of us South African’s raising ours.

The starlet went back in time with her razor thin brows which could be making a comeback, but we certainly hope not.

This trend started in the 1920’s with American actresses Anna May Wong and Clara Bow, an era was known for dramatic styles.

The Rainbow Nation was not loving the trend at all and in pure Mzansi style took to Twitter to air their brutally honest  opinions.

Top 5 Twitter Reactions to Riri's Eyebrows

1.  You're not the first Rihanna, our very own Kuli Roberts did it first.

2. Talk about unoriginal Riri

3. Who knew the Shoprite brows would make it to British Vogue!

4. Crossing the line

5.  VOID!

Really, Riri you may be a “style chameleon” but these changes just don’t fit the brief.

We think for now we will stay with the current thick eyebrow trend brought on by Cara Delevigne and Kim Kardashian.