5 shocking moments from the 2018 FIFA World Cup so far

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Whether its digs or dives a soccer tournament is noting without a little drama. The 2018 FIFA World Cup has not disappointed and it is only the start of the round of 16.

If the action we have seen from the round of 16 is anything to go by, we are set for even more shockers which have already seen some of the tournament's biggest names booted out.

From the world's best missing a pivotal goal, to a legend leaving the stadium for the hospital the 2018 FIFA World Cup is clearly set to continue to be lit.

Croatian player gets the first flight home

Croatia's coach, Zlatko Dalic, ordered for the team's striker, Nikola Kalinic, to be booted from the squad when he refused to play a match against Nigeria June 23. This was not the first time the player refused to play as he felt he was not well enough for a friendly match against Brazil. After Kalinic's booting, Dali commented that he needed a fit team at the tournament.

And the Oscar goes to...

It is not often that soccer players can admit to faking their dives for an upper hand during a game however, in the World Cup's first week French fullback Lucas Hernandez admitted he faked a series of falls when head-to-head against Australian winger Matthew Leckie. Hernandez's performances earned Leckie four fouls and saw the French side walk away victorious with a 2-1. After the game, Hernandez was quoted saying "Sometimes I exaggerate, but that's all part of the spectacle."

Lionel's messy game

Argentina's Lionel Messi walked into the 2018 tournament as a major favourite for many a football fan. During Argentina's match against Iceland, Messi caused an absolute uproar when he missed a penalty shot. This went on to define his performance which saw him miss 11 of his attempts at goal. Scoring any one of these would have given the Argentinean side the win rather than the disappointing draw.

Maradonna taken to hospital after Argentina's win

Argentina's match against Nigeria was extremely pivotal for the Argentineans to qualify and not get sent home. While Messi redeemed himself and Marcus Rojo earned a major goal for the squad, everyone was watching the antics of Diego Maradona. While social media was alight during his swearing and fits of excitement, the soccer icon was quickly treated by paramedics after he collapsed. Latin American ESPN and Argentine newspaper Cronica reported that Maradona was transported to a local hospital shortly.

No chances for defending champs

Germany went through the wire for their victory at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. However it seems they won't be getting any closer to kissing the trophy in 2018 as they were ousted by Korea who won the game 2-0. While Korea led the game with a single goal it was Ki Young-gwon's 92nd-minute-goal which added salt to the German side's wound. To make matters worse, the goal was nearly ruled out for an off-side until it was given to them after a review from a video assistant referee decision was made. Known as a tuniermannschaft (tournament team) Germany has had an impeccable showing at every World Cup, this becomes their first group stage defeat since 1938.

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