Michael Jackson lives on as celebs pay tribute

Image: Getty Images

It might be nine years since Michael Jackson passed on but so big was the musical genius's legend that even almost a decade on, people all over the world continue to commemorate the date of his death (June 25).

Yesterday social media was abuzz as fans and celebrities took to their social media platforms to remember the King of Pop.

Among those who shared their special memories, were model Naomi Campbell, famous producers Quincy Jones and Timbaland as well as pop singer Justin Timberlake.

Here are a few of our favourite tributes for the Gone Too Soon singer.

Jackson has proven to be a force even to some of our local celebs who could not help but share their love for Michael Jackson.

Khaya Dlanga

Dlanga took to his twitter to share a thread on how Jackson beat the odds and was the first to achieve many musical feats.

Quincy Jones

The pair worked on numerous songs together but it the legendary producer chose to remember Jackson with this clip of them accepting Best Duo at the 16th Annual Grammy Awards.


As much as he is an icon in his own right, Timbaland chose a picture from behind the scenes of Jackson's Thriller video.

Justin Timberlake

A fan could not help but snap a quick one of the Sexy Back singer getting fans in on his rendition of Human Nature. The singer has famously credited Jackson as a motivation for going solo.

Naomi Campbell

The retired supermodel has been a long time friend of Jackson's and chose to remember him through this shot from his music video for 90s hit, In the Closet.