Are you drinking too much?

31 May 2018 - 14:32
By S Mag
Image: 123RF/rawpixel

Today, the Association for Alcohol Responsibility and Education (, a registered nonprofit organisation with the Department of Social Development, will launch its new campaign for responsible drinking. The association aims to reduce alcohol-related harm by creating awareness and performing ongoing research.

But is this something you should be concerned about? Here’s the lowdown:

What is the issue?

Binge drinking.

Am I binge drinking?

If you (and/or your friends) are drinking more than one unit of alcohol in less than an hour, yes, that is the standard definition of binge drinking.

So what if I’m binge drinking?

Physical changes due to excessive binge drinking include change in appetite, eczema and increased risk of sexual assault. Possible behavioural changes include sleeping problems.

Are we that bad in Mzansi?

Alcohol is estimated to cost South Africa R37.9-billion a year. This includes costs around healthcare, crime, social welfare, alcohol prevention and treatment and road accidents. This figure does not include intangible costs such as premature morbidity and the ripple effect lowered morality can have on communities and absenteeism from work.

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