Mi Casa go global with new music deal

Mi Casa members from left: Dr Duda, J-Something and Mo-T.
Mi Casa members from left: Dr Duda, J-Something and Mo-T.
Image: Supplied

South African house and jazz band, Mi Casa have signed a global publishing deal with music publishing house Sony/ATV that will see the band members music on new and old reach a global market. Announced on May 17, the partnership with the music publishing house will see the band in a five year deal which will still allow them to make their own music.

Vocalist of Mi Casa, J-Something explained that their reason for picking Sony/ATV in particular was the relationship they had cultivated with Sony/ATV's Managing Director, Rowlin Naicker who showed great passion in the band's growth. "We had many people approach us but then you get this one guy who doesn't want to talk about anything but how excited he is. Like we're really going to make this a huge success, we're going to make this amazing, we're gonna celebrate!"

Naicker said that he looked forward to the venture as the band is not only consistent but an extremely passionate group of individuals. "From a publishing perspective we want each of these guys to write, obviously for Mi Casa and also explore writing with other guys."

J-Something found that the deal also motivates them to work harder in the studio as a collective with potential to make more revenue from their music. "Our fans will just get more music, our fans will just get more content from us so it's a kind of like a ripple effect."

While they might have access to a global reach, the band was adamant that their unique sound that has lasted throughout their seven year career would remain the same. "We're not here to change our sound. If people want to work with us, we will make something that is within our vibe," said J-Something.

While the band is also keen on working with the other artist's under Sony/ATV, they will start by focusing on their own material first. "We've done so many collaborations before. We just need to focus on us as Mi Casa. We are obviously y open to working with other people but for now we are just focusing on us," said Mi Casa producer, Dr Duda.

The band shares a great deal of excitement with the positivity from the deal but also stresses that they are looking forward to making a profit and reaching more audiences. "Business is about revenue streams and whether you make money and how you can make money and this is a revenue stream that we feel we've only skimmed the surface of. We're really excited about what Sony can do and we're really hoping they can take us to new heights," said J-Something.

Naicker also said that the opportunity presented to Mi Casa should be seen as a great learning experience for other artists. He also stressed that publishing deals for artists and songwriters is not exclusive to artist like Mi Casa. "We receive demos all the. We have a process where we sift through them - we actually do, I promise you. There are a lot of gems that come out of that process and every two weeks we have a listening session, we make a shortlist of them and from there we have a lot of artists who have been signed to us in terms of publishing."

Naicker also shared that young artists tend to send their work to other musicians or platforms without having their music protected and stresses that they should have it sent to a publishing house prior. To submit with Sony, artists can send their work through demoza@sonyatv.com.