Be vogue in the denim-on-denim trend

16 March 2018 - 12:47
By Christelle Crinal
Image: Pintrest

Wearing denim on denim has become a revolution considering that a few years back this look was rather appalling to most fashionistas.

In my opinion this will always be an amazing look and I can proudly say that I will definitely rock this look on the regular. The look is rather easy but some might still get it completely wrong. So here are a few tips on how to get it totally right.  

Denim is constantly evolving. This trend has been around for decades and I highly doubt that it will change anytime soon. The basic denim jeans, jackets and trenches have been around for a while and as the times passed by and trends improve all the time.

There are so much more denim items to look forward to, from your denim boots, sandals, wide legs, belted jackets, paperbag jeans and so many other items. This look will always been in season, like that family member that’s never ready to leave but because you love them so much, their presence never seems to really bother you.


Let’s take Rihanna who almost gets it right all the time. This look is semi-chic and very simple to get. You can wear a pencil skirt with a great shirt and pair it with a pair of heels of your choice.  I love the flair the cap gives this look but if caps aren’t your thing go ahead and replace it with an amazing panama hat. This look is all about the individual touches one adds. Accessorize it well with a cute clutch, some over-sized hoops, bold chunky bracelets and rings. 

Being dressed up doesn’t always have to involve formal shoes or a blazer. Who said that denim on denim had to be your plain blue and black clothing items we’ve all come to love? Asap Rocky is a daring “Fashion Killer” with this cool and fun printed denim on denim look.

When rocking this look one definetly has to be carefree! Pair this look with a classic turtle neck to give it a formal feel. Sneakers can compliment this look but another option is to don a pair of ankle boots or funky rock and roll boots. Wear your stacks of gold chains and let you inner gangster out. Cool accessories like brooches and key rings attached to your vintage buckle belt gives this look an edgy and dare to be different finish.


Zoe Kravitz does an amazing job at wearing down denim on denim. Pair your denim jeans with a plain or funky tee along with a denim jacket, sleeveless denim jacket or even a denim trench to get that chilled look. Add a leather belt and sling to give it a more well put together look. The gold accessories with great print socks can give this look a quirkiness that will bring out your individuality. Pair this ensemble with sneakers and voila, you'll look good without looking like you tried too hard.

Kanye West has certainly made a name for himself in the fashion industry. With six Yeezy season under his belt, Kanye has indeed taken the fashion industry by storm with his chilled sport looks paired with high heels or just plain down nasty sneakers most brands has come to love. 

His look is chilled and laid back for the easy days. Rock your stone washed denims with a plain grey top and a fantastic pair of high tops of your choice. If this look is just too simple for you, throw on a cap with aviators and a matching belt to give this look a bit of spunk.


Denim is constantly evolving. This look will always been in season, like that family member that’s never ready to leave but because you love them so much, their presence never seems to really bother you.