A Rey of sunshine for black twitter shade

Image: Twitter

When the sun sets on Sunday afternoon you know very well what that means as Twitter fans await Sunday night Twitter, and If you know you are easily bruised log out of social media because Black Twitter is ready to snatch wigs.

However, things played out a little differently last night. The usually harsh and acerbic collection of microbloggers were spreading more shine than shade this past Sunday: all thanks to one Rey of sunshine.

Rey Letsooa was a contestant of popular reality series Date My Family, a series where one bachelor or bachelorette meets three families in hopes to impress their future lover. At the end of all three dates, the singleton picks one hopeful and they enjoy a dinner for two. It's really simple and fun if youโ€™re not at the receiving end of Sunday Twitter.

When the episode in question began, Black Twitter was already trying to body shame Letsooa. Several tweets made fun of her weight and how a park bench buckled under her weight.

No sooner had the dark side of Black Twitter struck, there were a few users who related to Letsooa's self-confidence. Even some of the men watching the show could relate to Letsooa.

But members were quick to defend Letsooa when the fat shaming made rounds on their respective timelines. One of the users questioned the fat shaming asking why opinions on women's weight were treated like a disease. 

Letsooa's exuberance and smarts got the attention of men who were watching. Many of whom wished they could meet a woman of Letsooa's caliber.

While Letsooa melted the hearts of Black Twitter, she also caught the attention of avid Date My Family fan, Boity Thulo and TV Presenter, Anele Mdoda, who were more than impressed by her inclusion on the episode.

At this point Black Twitter was rooting and praising body positive messages about Letsooa. The impressions she made were so great the bachelors came into question.

By the end of the hour, Black Twitter was more than appreciative of the episode. They praised the inclusion of a smart and bold young woman. Some of the viewers felt it exemplified how personality can trump physical appearance while others were glad it brought about more reasons to unlearn discriminatory ideas of plus sized women.

What are your thoughts of the Date My Family episode? Is this a step in the right direction? Share your comments below if you were also motivated by Rey Letsooa.