Here's what you need to know about the new Samsung S9 and S9+

Samsung’s David Koh may as well have chimed “anything you can do I can do better because I can do anything better than you” on the stage at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona when they launched earlier this week. True to form the Korean giant snatched up every one of their competitors shiny new toys and took them one step further.

Here is everything you need to know:

The Camera Reimagined

In terms of the nitty gritty; one of the most influential changes to the camera is the fact that they integrated a 9 RAM processing chip right into the camera itself, to allow for four times faster and smarter processing times.

This faster processing speed allows the 12 MP back camera to run two different apertures simultaneously – like the human eye - so you can take photos in ridiculously low light which means no longer blinding your friends with an unholy flash every time you want to capture a moment in the club.

The S9+ which now packs two cameras on the back like the Galaxy Note 8  allows you to take photos with both a normal and telephoto zoom lens simultaneously, giving you a larger choice of shot.  It also works with the background blurring software (which Samsung debuted last year) that can even be used after you take the shot.

Slow-mo Shots Fired

Although others had tried, Sony had slow-mo video on lock down on their Xperia series phones ,but not anymore. Now Samsung has the almost tauntingly named Super Slow-Mo, which shoots 940 frames per second, taking one instant and stretching it up to six seconds.

Thanks to the auto-capture your phone will auto record for you – I’m sure your battery will be pleased – and allows you to flip it and reverse it and save the video as a gif.

Now all your videos will automatically have music added to the background, and speaking of background, you can now even play the videos as your lock screen background too.

Move over Animojis

Samsung saw Tim Cook’s talking poop emoji and decided to raise him with the ability to create an emoji of yourself. That’s right—now you too can be like Kim K with emojis of your crying face as you now have the ability to scan your face and make an animated version of yourself to send to your friends.

For those who don’t possess the self love of a Kardashian, you can also be an array of creatures or Disney characters.

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Big Push Towards AR

Besides the ability to now send yourself to people, Samsung laid some serious ground into the Augmented Reality (AR) trend all thanks to their AI system Bixby and your fancy new camera. The combination of the AI learning and the faster processor allows you to integrate AR into your life like never before.

Now you can point your camera at foreign text and watch it translate into one of the 230 languages of your choice.

When taking a photo of your food, Bixby will recognize your lunch and track what you eat and how many calories you’re consuming in the new Samsung health app.

Not available in SA as of yet, but if you live in the US, China or Korea you can now virtually try on make up on camera. Makeup brands Sephora and Covergirl’s newest lines arrive right in your phone and if you like what you see you can purchase it in camera immediately.

Call Security

Not to be outdone by the iPhone X, the S9 series now also features facial recognition. But why stop there when you can also have iris and fingerprint scanning?

Furthermore those who are interested in enterprise security may prick their ears when they hear that now, thanks to Knox 3.1, Samsung will provide integrated and updateable security systems specifically designed for businesses.

Turn it Up

Nothing gives me greater joy to report that you can still find the headphone jack at the bottom of the phone, safely in place for yet another year. But for those who enjoy the act of openly pimping their tunes off their phone in public or lazily in bed Samsung also has you covered.

Now thanks to two AKG speakers on either side of the phone and partnering with Dolby Atmos, you will get a tiny cinema experience in the palm of your hand.


Samsungs intelligent system will continue to learn from your every move and it will now not only run completely across every aspect of your phone but your fridge as well. Every Samsung product will now have Bixby included in their system and will soon be available on your S8 as well.

Show Me the Money

You can reportedly pick up your new 69 Gig Samsung S9 from R15499 and the S9+ at R17999 from the 16th of March in Midnight Black, Titanium Grey and the brand-new, on-trend Lilac.

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