Stay fit with this holiday workout

Fitness expert Mumtaaz “Taz” Emeran.
Fitness expert Mumtaaz “Taz” Emeran.

Just because you’re on holiday, doesn’t mean t your fitness routine also needs to take a break.

Fitness expert Mumtaaz “Taz” Emeran takes us through some travel-friendly exercises

We are all for self love, and being on holiday need not lead to regrets after too much indulgence. With these easy exercises, which you can do anywhere, your fitness regime does not need to take a back seat:


The basic squat requires you to stand in a position with your feet hip-width apart, toes pointing forward, neck straight, and your abs tight. Hold your arms out in front of you and bend your knees while slowly lowering yourself until the tops of your thighs are parallel to the ground. Remember to push your bottom backwards, as if you are sitting on a chair. Do three sets of 10 reps.


Keep your upper body straight, with your shoulders back (and relaxed). Step forward with one leg and lower your hips until both knees are bent at a 90-degree angle. Keep the weight on your heels as you push back up. Do two sets of 10 reps.

Hill sprints

Find a hill or steep incline to run up. Keep your torso upright, while pumping your arms quickly to generate and maintain momentum. As you run, remember that you’re running incorrectly if your quads start quivering. Do five sets of 10 reps.


Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, while grasping the skipping rope together with both hands in front of your body. Jump with feet together, moving about 15cm forward over the rope. Jump back 15cm. Continue alternating between jumps once per turn. Do as many reps as possible for 30 seconds, resting 30 to 90 seconds between sets.

Mad about Taz

Mumtaaz “Taz” Emeran defies the notion that women are physically weak. Taz, born and bred in Cape Town, fell pregnant when she was a teenager. At the age of 16, she moved to Johannesburg and started working odd jobs to support her son and finance her way through school.

Taz eventually co-founded Flexgrid320, a boot camp that empowers women through fitness, and also provides a platform for members to tailor workout and nutrition plans.

Taz attempts to eliminate the mentality and that you need to go to the gym to get a workout; instead, she teaches women that you can train anywhere, anytime.

Emeran believes fitness should be a lifestyle, and that benefits such as weight loss that come with being fit and healthy are just a bonus.

Fitness provides many benefits, including as social interaction, excitement, strength, and a sense of control over one’s body and one’s life.

Instagram: @flexgrid320

*Photography: Yonda Thomas

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