Five Minutes with Ziyon

Picture credit: Supplied
Picture credit: Supplied

Forming part of the award-winning group Liquideep this weekend Ziyon performed at the second edition of TONGHT, a specially curated live music event serving an eclectic mix of sounds to a grown and sexy crowd.

We caught up with the musician ahead of the performance.

Was being a musician always an ambition you had? I have definitely had my ups and downs when it comes to music. Like during the dry seasons when one questions how they will take care of things. But in my greatest and hardest times, music has always been something that has stayed on my mind. . I am grateful for this opportunity that I continue to have.

What are you up to now from a musical and production perspective? I am basically focusing on an EP I would like to release in winter. I dropped a new single For Good. The EP comes two years after my last project and I am very excited about it.

Many people know you from Liquideep. What has the transition from group to solos artist been like? I am grateful for my time with the group because there are some valuable things I learned then that have stayed with me. We always wanted to create with a positive spirit in mind and that is something that has stuck with me, the only difference now  is that I play with more genres, and not just house.

What do you take in consideration before working with someone on a new project? I feel like it is important to bring people who have a similar vibe together when in studio because I want a song and the relationship to last. Studio etiquette is also important to me, luckily for me I have only had great experiences with the people I have worked with.

Tell us about the event, what attracted you to this platform? I have a lot of respect for the work that Kenzhero, Kid Fonque and Maria Mcloy do in the community of artists, and how they always tend to push things that happen in the alternative scene.

We have similar music interests and they are creating a great space for people who don’t have many places to enjoy great music.