PODCAST | Friendship and self journeying in spirituality

Episode 8 | Gogo, have I been scammed?

20 November 2023 - 14:01
Gogo Zipho and her friend Asande in Grahamstown
Image: SUPPLIED Gogo Zipho and her friend Asande in Grahamstown

On this episode of Gogo, have I been scammed? we broadly talk about friendship, support, spiritual accountability and indigenous knowledge systems, not limited to African indigeneity. Additionally, we’ll talk about healing oneself through alternative practices like meditation, yogic methods and breath work.

Host Gogo Zipho Dolamo is joined by certified Vinyasa and Buti yoga teacher and one of her dearest friends, Asande Mahlaba.

Mahlaba is also a tarot card reader who leans heavily on her prophetic abilities in navigating her life in spirituality. She has self-journeyed into healing by following her dreams and intuitions, in an age where there is much misrepresentation of what is commonly known as "new age" spirituality.

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