‘The Queen’ star Sibusisiwe Jili gets real about pregnancy and carrying full term

21 March 2021 - 09:01
By chrizelda kekana AND Chrizelda Kekana
'The Queen' actress Sibusisiwe Jili says pregnancy has been a spiritually enlightening experience for her.
Image: Sibusisiwe Jili/Instagram 'The Queen' actress Sibusisiwe Jili says pregnancy has been a spiritually enlightening experience for her.

Feeling every bit of joy and anxiety that accompanies the last few weeks of a full term pregnancy, The Queen actress Sibusisiwe Jili has opened up about the reality as opposed to the Instagram facade of pregnancy.

The heavily pregnant actress took to Instagram to take her followers into all the feelings and physical changes she continues to endure as she waits for her bundle of joy. Sibu wanted to shatter the “picture perfect” image of pregnancy that social media often creates, thanks to stunning and often airbrushed maternity shoots.

She posted a beautiful snap from her maternity shoot and compared it to a more candid snap taken at home.

How some people view pregnancy vs reality are two very different worlds,” she began.

“Walking/sleeping through/sitting/eating through (you get the picture) the final stretch (which lasts a good 10 years) ... I will not miss carrying full term, nope, I said it, baby be heavy, who voted for the nine months vele, never again! I’m gonna be the dad next time,” she said.

The actress said that she’s been experiencing a lot of firsts and being pregnant has been a surreal experience.

As she reflected on the journey, Sibusisiwe said she’s certain she would never forget the feeling of carrying a human being inside her. She said pregnancy has also been a spiritually enlightening experience for her.

“After all of this I might not remember the exact days, the people who were involved, the moments that were shared but I know for sure I will never forget how beautiful a feeling I carried throughout this pregnancy (drama queen moment aside). This has been the most spiritually enlightening experience of my life thus far and maybe words will never truly be able to fully describe the feeling but damn it feels so good,” she said.

Read her full heartfelt caption and see the two snaps below:

Sibusisiwe announced her pregnancy on Instagram in February through a series of snaps showing off her baby bump.

The actress described her baby as a miracle and detailed how she was told by doctors  she would never be able to fall pregnant after losing her first baby.

“So this is the special shandis I had to share with you. When I lost my first child (age 170 I was told I’ll never be able to carry and birth a child. How final, right? But I was not having it, no doc, you are not deputy God.”

Sibu said she depended on God to come through for her.

“God, when you are ready for me to have a child, please bless me with a boy. Ten years later I gave birth to a healthy but premature Onke who just turned five on Sunday, no incubator, no complications and now baby number two is fighting for womb time breaking my record at a whopping eight months without any complications.

“My joy and excitement cannot be contained, the blessings are beyond me and I just want to take this moment to thank everyone in my life for the continued support,” Sibusisiwe said at the time.