'Too dark': Get it out of your vocab, says Busiswa on colourism

Kyle Zeeman Digital Editor
Busiswa hit back at the suggestion her feet were 'too dark'.
Busiswa hit back at the suggestion her feet were 'too dark'.
Image: Gallo Images/Oupa Bopape

Award-winning muso Busiswa is not here for people telling her she is “too dark”, leaving a critic dizzy with a stinging clapback this week.

The star is out here living her best life after showing off her incredible body transformation, but was interrupted this week by a follower who said that her feet were “too dark” in a video she posted.

Busiswa was not here for the criticism and explained that she was wearing lace socks which made her feet appear darker.

And while she was at it, she told the fan to stop with the colourism.

“Also get terms like ‘too dark’ out of your vocabulary,” she said.

The star had the internet in a mess recently when she showed off her new look, leading to some claiming that she was “leaving Team Thick behind”.

Busiswa responded, saying: “you trying to tell me I’m not thick?!”

In a video the singer shared that she had been gyming like a champ since lockdown.

“With it being lockdown, I had a lot of time inside, working out. I actually bought a treadmill last year and I have actually been using it.”

The star made headlines early last year when she was body shamed for posing in lingerie.

She tackled haters head-on and said she was not phased by their comments.

“Truth is I never thought I would do something like that being plus-size and all. Well now it's done and I feel invincible. I'm emotionally stable now from all the body-shaming,” she explained.