US star Common is a huge fan of Kagiso Lediga's 'Queen Sono'

Kagiso Lediga also spoke about the success of 'Queen Sono'.
Kagiso Lediga also spoke about the success of 'Queen Sono'.
Image: Alon Skuy

Comedian and producer Kagiso Lediga is taking over the world with his projects, and has even made fans out of Hollywood stars Common and Tiffany Haddish.

The Queen Sono creator recently sat down with Jon Savage on the What's Your Poison podcast to speak about the success of the Netflix African original series.

He said he was overwhelmed by the responses he got from around the world, which included a negative review by The New York Times, a fierce debate on French TV, an interview with Time magazine and even a shout out from Tiffany and Common.

“Common and Tiffany Haddish were on this dating app, in different houses because of Covid-19. They were like, 'we are going to do this and dance and do hair. Let's watch a show. What should we watch? Netflix, Queen Sono.' They watch Queen Sono. That is Common and Tiffany Haddish watching Queen Sono.

He said the project was now a “show of the world” and there are more demands on the show as it goes into its second season.

Kagiso also addressed his relationship with Trevor Noah, describing him as a “trailblazer”.

He said the pair had a bit of a fallout because of a project that didn't go according to plan, but he had no lasting beef.

“I remember seeing him at a place and I said, 'you know I thought about you the other day and I wanted to smash your face in with a wooden bat' ... I just wanted to get that out of my system. I said, 'when I see you, I think you're a lovely guy, you must come join us'.”

He said Trevor had done SA proud and was in another stratosphere.