DJ Euphonik: I'm creating 'feel good' playlists to help people with their mental health and anxiety

13 April 2020 - 07:59
By Nonhlanha Msibi
Fans can look forward to a
Image: Daniel Born Fans can look forward to a "powerful" playlist from Euphonik.

It's been a tough 17 days for South Africans, but many will attest that spending this Easter weekend away from loved ones has been particularly tough. 

Over the past two weeks several of Mzansi's artists and musicians have hosted online concerts, comedy shows and even game nights to keep the spirit of the nation up. 

In an interview with TshisaLIVE, DJ Euphonik revealed that he was putting the finishing touches on playlists to help people with their mental health and anxiety during this trying time. 

"I'm busy creating playlists for all different types of music, because people are sitting at home during the lockdown and they don't necessarily want to listen to house music. I'm putting together music that will help people with their mental condition and anxiety...'feel good' songs not just house music," he said. 

The DJ also encouraged people to take the time to do as much reading and research as possible, to try and better their skills and knowledge.

Euphonik believes that in SA there's a severe lack of knowledge among people on how to monetise themselves as brands. 

He advised aspiring musicians and people in general to take full control of their careers. 

"A lot of DJs don't have websites, for instance, when you go to my website, everything of mine is on my website. Tomorrow if Twitter, Facebook and Instagram shuts down, it means people won't have platforms that they control at all. I encourage people to take their career into their own hands and work on platforms that they will have full control over."