'Naturally, he thought he was joking': Phat Joe apologises to Anele Mdoda

08 August 2019 - 10:30
By Kyle Zeeman
Phat Joe has apologised to Anele.
Image: Supplied (Phat Joe) & Real Talk with Anele YouTube (Anele) Phat Joe has apologised to Anele.

Just hours after nearly shutting down social media for his comments on Anele Mdoda's inclusion on the Miss SA judging panel, Phat Joe has apologised to the radio star.

Joe saw flames on Wednesday morning when he questioned Anele's inclusion on the beauty pageant's panel and suggested she was just there to make up the numbers.

Anele wasn't here for game and soon dragged Joe HARD for his comments, calling him "washed out" and claiming he was "obsessed" with her. 

Joe laughed off the clapback on his radio show, but later apologised to Anele, claiming he was joking.

Anele confirmed this in a tweet on Wednesday night and said she had accepted his apology.

"Just took a call from Phat Joe. He apologized. I accept his apology. Naturally he thought he was joking and it didn’t land well on me. I appreciate the fact that he did not want to dictate how I reacted in my defense to what he believed was said in jest. We live. We err. We heal," she wrote.

She later explained that she accepted the apology because she was also far from perfect and sometimes had to say sorry. 

"I am not perfect so I am quick to forgive because I too say a lot of sorry’s," she told a follower.

While social media users weighed in on the debate, UDM leader Bantu Holomisa joked that Joe should have at least brought a cow as a sign that his apology was sincere.

Mdoda said the incident, which saw both stars trend for most of Wednesday, taught her they both had fans, but this should not overshadow the pageant.