Kim Jayde: Why do we feel comfortable calling beautiful women stupid?

Kim Jayde wants people to rethink the way they deal with people.
Kim Jayde wants people to rethink the way they deal with people.
Image: Instagram/ Kim Jayde

MTV star Kim Jayde has once again questioned perceptions of beauty, asking why it has become a thing for people to label beautiful women as stupid.

The star has BEEN preaching about love, beauty and accepting yourself for who you are and once again took her followers to church recently when she challenged stereotypes in an Instagram post.

"Why does it make us comfortable to immediately identify a beautiful woman as 'stupid'? A strong woman as 'masculine' or 'butch'? A smart woman as 'boring' or 'not fun'?" she asked, next to a picture of her wearing no pants and pouting.

Kim has spoken out before about the struggles of accepting herself when society always dictated what is beautiful and said that if we are hating on others, we are likely to hate on ourselves. 

"If we are doing that to others it means we are definitely doing that to ourselves. Allow yourself to be many, many things! Smart and beautiful and strong and fun, all in one."

She also encouraged those who were dealing with anxiety, depression or suicidal thoughts. She claimed that social media and the ideas of beauty on it was a massive trigger.

"We are either bullied online or constantly feeling like we need to meet the ridiculous standards of perfection we see on Instagram!"

She shared a few tips to dealing with life when you're feeling down and said one of the ways was to turn off social media "until you feel a bit better!"

"P.S. Please know you are not alone! Reach out for help and if you can't talk to a friend/ family member there are organisations that will help you free of charge."

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