WATCH | Trevor Noah reckons SA has the sexiest accent in the world

03 May 2019 - 07:51
By Kyle Zeeman
Trevor Noah says SA has the sexiest accent.
Image: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage Trevor Noah says SA has the sexiest accent.

A recent poll found that the South African accent is the second most sexiest accent in the world, and comedian Trevor Noah is calling BS!

A global poll by travel website Big 7 Travel named the Kiwi accent the sexiest on Earth and described it as "outrageously charming".

While the results have sparked global debate, Trevor Noah shared his thoughts on The Daily Show this week.

He said that while he was happy SA has made it to second, he reckons we should have won.

First mocking the New Zealand accent and then the Australian one, he posed the question we have all been asking.

What, actually, is a South African accent? Is it deep Afrikaans or Nelson-Mandela vibes?

Regardless, he believes we should have won.

Check out his analysis. It's friggin hilarious!