#BeingBonang | Pinky Girl wants to be an actress & the internet can't deal

22 February 2019 - 11:28
By Kyle Zeeman
Pinky Girl wants to be an actress.
Image: Instagram/ Pinky Girl Pinky Girl wants to be an actress.

Move over Charlize Theron, Pinky Girl is coming for your spot in Hollywood.

Bonang's cousin and trusted sidekick has become an internet sensation over the last two years after her appearances on Queen B's reality show Being Bonang.

Fans go crazy every time she is on screens but were surprised on Thursday night's episode of the hit show when Pinky revealed her ambitions to be an actress.

Fans are not convinced she can step out of B's shadow or make it without being a Bonang lite.

They also thought she was way too scatterbrained to make this acting thing work.

Still, she's hellavua funny and has that "thing" which convinced others that she could actually do a great job.