WATCH | Zweli Dube’s grinding hard for that summer body

Zweli Dube
Image: Lee Photography

You may want to grab a glass of water‚ because this video of Zweli Dube in the gym is about to get you really thirsty.

While the rest of us have been stocking up on those treats to keep us warm as the evenings get colder‚ Zweli is out here thinking about that summer body.

And‚ he is putting in those hours at the gym.

The hunky actor wants to make sure that when summer rolls around‚ he and that six pack are ready.

"Ready or not here I come summer it's you and me next‚ working turning back best shape of my life...happy as can be. Truly blessed & highly favoured."

You go boy‚ we're here for these videos!

Here's 3 other times that Zweli made us sweat: