Political correctness cannot erase realities of life

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Warwick University in England has gone too far with political correctness by even banning the phrase "trigger warning" as it may be too "provocative" for its sensitive students.

Well, some of the best, and worst, stories have difficult content, and a few quick examples might clarify the problem – sorry some spoilers follow. In the Bible, the good guy dies but that's not the end of the story. In Star Wars, the hero Luke has serious family issues.

In Titanic, the boat gets waterlogged by the end of the film. Even if we switch to what some consider the top five books we have Anna Karenina (infidelity), Madame Bovary (more infidelity), War and Peace (violence), The Great Gatsby (alcohol and death), and Lolita (sexual assault).

Even Disney's Bambi contains a murder scene. We have to face the world and its difficulties, especially at the moment when we are in the middle of a pandemic. Look for the positive but be aware of the problems we all face.

Dennis Fitzgerald , Melbourne, Australia

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