Parents and teachers can stop bullying

Better communication is needed

07 December 2021 - 10:15
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We are generally led to believe that drugs and excessive drinking are negatively affecting schooling, especially at primary level. Rightfully so, because we don’t observe how bullying has greatly affected our children’s schooling. Schooling, especially at primary level, is on a downward spiral.

The educational welfare and values of primary education are declining to the lowest ebb, unless the slide is arrested. We have witnessed numerous cases of bullying at school during which pupils were severely injured or even lost their precious lives.

Bullying can be stopped if there is communication between the teacher and parents concerning the pupil. The teachers and parents should revisit the good old days when both parties could communicate about the pupil’s welfare, both at home and school.

By having some free time to personally interact with the pupil, the parents will be able to detect early signs of bullying.This can help in the identification of the culprits and stop them before they cause psychological or physical damage to other pupils.

Batsirai Kativu, Johannesburg