Elections perpetuate oppression of our people

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Now that the elections and swearing in of councillors and mayors is almost done, it's time to educate the voters about their role and that of their leaders. On November 1, people flocked to voting stations to elect their councillors and mayors.

It must be made clear that the power of voters ended in that voting booth. That's it. From there, your leaders can do whatever they want with the power that you gave them.

Maybe in retrospection, the 1994 sellout deal is still intact and voters are enforcing that blindly. The deal was that ANC and its surrogate sympathisers will keep the so-called political power while the settlers will keep the lifeline of every nation, which is the economy. The Sunset Clause was used to rubber-stamp the process.

Fast-forward to the recent local elections, political organisations criss-crossed the stolen land of Azania, telling the masses that they are the better party than the one from the Looting House aka Luthuli House.

One thing that must be demystified here is that ANC is a mere driver of a bus owned by settler-colonial beneficiaries from Stellenbosch, UK and US. ANC is the government and the state is the imperial capitalist cabal of Stellenbosch with the support of the West.

All these political parties are fighting to remove the bus driver (ANC) and be a good driver or employee of the monopoly capital owned by minority. What is needed is a people's army that will disregard or discard the fake "freedom" of 1994 brought by FW de Klerk and Nelson Mandela.

We need a mass-based revolution that can see elections as a scam and reject to go to polls. The state must collapse first, then the government can be elected by liberated people. Look at what happened with masses' votes during coalitions discussions. Sell-out!!

The electoral system brought by this settler-colonialism is working for the elite oppressive minority and so-called political leaders of black parties are blinded by parliamentary seats and benefits to see that.

Rise up people. Rise up the landless oppressed, degraded African majority and reject elections because they perpetuate the oppression.

Mapo Phaahle wa Mokoena, GaMasemola, Limpopo

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