Citizens complicit in what's going wrong in SA

Political party posters. File photo.
Political party posters. File photo.
Image: Antonio Muchave

In 1994, the governing ANC promised the nation heaven and earth. They promised jobs, houses and quality education, just to mention a few. Twenty seven years later, the nation is yet to reach the "Promised Land". That's a bridge of promise.

When the ANC took over in 1994, the road and rail infrastructure were intact. Today we have potholes on the road and no rail infrastructure. The SAA and Eskom were working very well. Now they survive on government bailouts. Thank you to the governing party.

That said, South African citizens are part of the problem. In other words, they are complicit to what is going wrong in this country. They accept whatever nonsense the government does. On top of that, they return the same political party to power every five years.

If a governing party is sure that it will return to power in the next elections, despite its performance, what will motivate it to work hard to deliver the basic services? Nothing. That's the reason why our governing party is not motivated to deliver.

This reminds me of what late Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe (may his soul rest in peace), once said: If the Zanu-PF can put the face of a dog in the ballot box, it will still win the elections. What arrogance!

It's sad that our citizens think that power lies with the politicians. It does not. Instead, it lies with citizens. Until they realise that and exercise their power, nothing will change in SA, irrespective of who is in power.

Thabile Mange, Mogale City

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