Be yourself, be real, be original

In trying to please everyone, we neglect our own wellbeing, the writer says.
In trying to please everyone, we neglect our own wellbeing, the writer says.
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The biggest mistake we are making is to be one-size-fits-all and please everyone and everybody. Guess what happens in the process? We neglect our own wellbeing.

Ask yourself: who and what are you? Are you somebody trying to please everyone? When everyone starts liking you this means there's something you are not doing right.

Most of us find ourselves swimming in all sorts of trouble and drowning because of recklessness, over-spending, extraordinary and extravagant lifestyles. All this happens because we want to compete and show off to neighbours. Why? Sithi siya ba gcwalisela (we do things to show off). Do our neighbours care about us anyway?

Today’s relationships are hard to keep above water because we don’t tell the truth from the beginning. All we do is try change the person, lie all the time, being too pretentious about our love affairs.

l’m a very soft, kind-hearted person and people always take my kindness for weakness. But shall l change who and what l am? Never.

When l was still in primary school, I once got home barefooted, to my mother's wrath. But l told her my friend has been walking barefooted for as long as l could remember and l was forgiven.

l always share everything with everyone. l grew up in our four-roomed house with my nieces and cousins – this is where l learnt humility and l’m always grateful to my parents for teaching me and for such  an upbringing.

l respect each and every one and everybody. l’m not better than anyone.

Don’t change yourself to please other people. Be authentic. Be you. Be real. Be original.

McDivett Khumbulani Tshehla, Halfway House

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