Politicians must fall over empty promises

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File photo.
Image: Kevin Sutherland

It is that time of the year, when political clowns move from city to village asking us to load our dreams into their unroadworthy trucks.

"With my party nothing is impossible. We will make things work," they say.

The truth is that none of them can ever make things work. They have never been able to. And they will never be able to. Millions of people will say they will not vote ANC, but on November 1 2021, the food parcels will make them vote ANC.

Poor people are given fried chicken and over-sized free T-shirts by party operatives driving around in bakkies with loudspeakers, promising a better life if they vote the yellow monster called the ANC. It has worked since 1994.

Do we really need politicians? They earn massive salaries and don't even have to work for those salaries. Imagine if we saved all the salaries of national, provincial and local politicians. Imagine what can be achieved. I believe it's time for politicians to fall. I don't take politicians seriously because they are full of empty promises.

Now these politicians are on the grounds for the votes. After the votes, you will never ever see them at all again. The poorest of the poor will continue crying for jobs, water, roads and all basic service delivery while these greedy politicians will continue their work of looting and killing each other.

This current ANC government doesn't want an intelligent population because they know they cannot control critical thinkers. They want a public just smart enough to pay taxes and dumb enough to keep voting for them.

It says a lot about the current ANC voters, don't you think?

• Kganthane R Lebaka, GaPhaahla-Makadikwe, Limpopo

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