Never look down on others

People look down upon certain jobs, like restaurant server, the writer says.
People look down upon certain jobs, like restaurant server, the writer says.
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America's most celebrated reverend-cum-politician Jessie Jackson boldly put it in simple words that never look down on another person unless if you are helping them up.

Not only does it annoys, flabbergasts, irritates and disheartens me to see people ill-treating others. I'm talking from experience and from a black prospective. I've worked as a waiter, restaurant manager, security guard, petrol attendant, cashier, etc despite my post-matric qualifications. Yes, l did enjoy the journey but I'm not happy with the way we (blacks) ill-treat each other.

We look down upon the above-mentioned jobs. But aren't these people doing something legal to earn an honest living? I've high respect for them. We call those who work at mortuaries amahlanya (mad people), waiters, security guards and petrol attendants abantu abangafundile (illiterate). I respect these guys' energy, vibe, spirit and respect for their jobs, yet we push and shove them around as if they don't have brains.

Being rude to others is not cool and ayoba because as black people that's what we do best. A job is a job, whether its cosy or not; at the end of the day someone must do it.

Remember, we can't all have those swinging chairs, blue-collar office jobs. Waiters bring us food on the table while we are seated, security guards spend sleepless, ridiculous hours making sure we are safe and can sleep peacefully, while petrol attendants and cashiers do amazing jobs.

No matter how educated you may be, no matter how much money you may have in the bank, take it easy, remain simple, humble, sincere and respectful and God will bless you. 

Never look down upon other people because this is an foreseen and unpredictable world..

McDivett Khumbulani Tshehla, Halfway House

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