Kudos to Dr Mia and his team

26 August 2021 - 09:46
By Reader letter
Image: 123RF

If there is anything worthy of a good report, anything worth praising, then selflessness plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr Ridwan Mia, physiotherapist Catlin Leslie and their associates should be applauded.

They have been investing their time to administer a reconstructive surgery on a nine-year-old Zimbabwean boy, Rodwell Khomazana, who was severely injured after being mauled by a hyena.

It's our hearts' desire that Rodwell will go through all the phases of the reconstructive surgery successfully. That by God's grace, he will grow up to be a responsible man who will make a positive difference in the world regardless of the unusual ordeal he has been going through.

Batsirai Kativu, Johannesburg