Let's support girls through their menstruation cycles

Let's get together and support our sisters.
Let's get together and support our sisters.
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Keep yourselves clean women, you don't need expensive clothes to be clean and smelling good. The green bar soap can wash clothes as well. Let's teach our sisters about hygiene, they don't need cologne to smell nice.

Let's help each other and stop judging. Our government must make sure disadvantaged pupils are supplied with toiletries and sanitary towels. Menstruation occurs on day 28 of the cycle; it's not girls' fault that they go on their period. I wish sanitary towels and period pain tablets were free.

Teachers must try to put more effort into making sure boys understand about menstruation and stop laughing at their sisters.

It might happen that they don't have any sanitary towels, and forced to use cloth or tissue paper when they're on their periods. Let's preach about menstruation to boys until they understand. We can even open community clubs that educate everyone about menstruation. Fathers must also play a role and talk to their little girls about everything.

We go through a lot; bloating, the mood swings, headaches, lower back pain, abdominal cramping, fatigue, sore breasts, food cravings, etc. Most of the time those symptoms interfere with our ability to work, go to school, or enjoy your day.

Let's get together and support our sisters. Forward we go. Amandla awethu!

Sara Makala, Three Rivers

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