Falling DA is running scared

13 August 2021 - 10:02
By Reader Letter
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Image: Gallo images File photo.

The DA's Mega Madam is ranting on about postponing the upcoming elections; she wants it on October 27, finish and klaar! The health of the people she always claims to be concerned about does not seem to count. Why?

One reason must be the DA's potential support is dipping, some say falling. A longer delay means less DA councillors. A former DA chief whip in the Tshwane council, now in the ANC, is running a hard campaign to get voters to dump the DA. He addressed Laudium residents last month saying SA can do better and it's a reachable goal to ditch 500 DA councillors, while 800 is not impossible. A third of DA party funding will vanish as a result.

Former DA leader Tony Leon can sense a crunch is coming and says his party could be bloodied. For once he has got something right; it is going to be a disaster. When it strikes will Helen, John and Natasha resign after they shunted their former failing colleagues aside? I won't hold my breath.

Mohammed Yacoob, Laudium, Pretoria