Women are foundation of a family

Picture: 123RF/SEVENTY FOUR 74
Picture: 123RF/SEVENTY FOUR 74

There is nothing as important as a woman in the house. A woman is more powerful than the word itself. By nature, she is full of magic and is capable of handling five tasks simultaneously. She slices an onion with the baby on her back.

She keeps an eye on the stove while mopping the floor. We men, on the other hand, can't do these things. When you ask a man who is in front of TV watching football to go and check who is knocking at the door, he will take forever before he responds.

Sometimes he won't even bother. Pastor Sthembiso Zondo says that if the father of the house is an alcoholic while his wife is not, such a family will remain unshaken, even if the wife is unemployed. But if the mother is an alcoholic, even if her husband is a respected advocate or a revered bishop, such a family will be disorganised.

Too many husbands grumble about the kind of wives they wish they had. If you want her to look nice, then buy her clothes. Do you want her with a nice hairstyle? Take her to the nearest salon. Do you want her in good shape? Take her to the nearest gym.

She wasn't wired to give but to receive love from you. She is also an inherent incubator. She multiplies everything she receives. When you buy her a house, she will turn it into a lovely home.

Give her a smile, she will give you her heart. If you give her sperms, she will give you a baby. But if you give her frustrations, she will retaliate. Contrary to popular belief that a dog is man's best friend, it will not tell you your faults or point out your weaknesses.

How cowardly then it is to allow your pet to become your object of affection instead of your spouse? A lot of women are pregnant. Not with physical babies, but with the bitterness their husbands have been penetrating into them over the years.

And unless their husbands repent and cover them with an abundance of love to abort such negative seeds, they'll reap what they've sown. If you don't like what your woman is manifesting, check what you have been feeding her – nutrients or poison?

Samuel Radebe, Heilbron

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