SA crying for patriotic leadership

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In 1912, different people from different backgrounds came together to form a movement with the sole intention of challenging the then discriminatory system of governance. These people included capitalists, communists, Christians, Jews, whites, blacks, Indians, coloureds, etc. Their differences were not an issue. What mattered to them was ousting the evil system of segregation based on ethnicity.

This goal was ultimately achieved in 1994.

Fast forward to 2021. It may be a new era, but the country is facing a new challenge which needs a similar response as happened in 1912. We have a government that is dragging the country to the abyss and needs to be stopped ASAP.

A new movement that will prioritise SA and South Africans is urgently needed to replace the clueless, corrupt, arrogant, self-centered and dangerous regime before further damage is done.

Most of the existing political parties in the country, with a few exceptions of course, have one common thread: Their deep love for the country. Why don't they put aside their differences and join hands, if only to oust these criminals who are masquerading as a government?

These are desperate times and desperate measures are needed. We are a country blessed with many talented people who are currently sidelined.

In the early '80s the United Democratic Front came forward to fill a vacuum in leadership. The country is crying for patriotic leadership now.

James Mathye, email

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