We feel The Cat's absence

28 July 2021 - 09:28
By Reader letter
Deputy president David Mabuza.
Image: GCIS Deputy president David Mabuza.

I am beginning to have a lot of respect for our deputy president, “The Cat” (David Mabuza). Aptly named because of his astonishing survival instincts.

My only regret is that, had he been here to watch the country go up in flames with us, he might have been able to quell the violence as he once belonged to the premier league. He might have had some knowledge of how the radical economic transition brigade works.

But we can't blame him for his leave of absence, no one ever plans to be sick. And if he has no confidence in our healthcare system, he has every right to fly out to Russia for check-up for his chronic poisoning condition.

We wish him a speedy recovery.

Cometh Dube-MakholwaMidrand