What state security agency?

19 July 2021 - 07:31
By Reader Letter
Deputy state security minister Zizi Kodwa.
Image: Masi Losi Deputy state security minister Zizi Kodwa.

Admitting to the fact that you were caught with your pants down is hilarious, Zizi Kodwa. Say what you will about the Apartheid regime, their intelligence was damn good.

The State Security Agency has proven to be nonexistent, rendering the ability of the country to mobilise ... absolutely useless.

The individuals who head up the police, army and internal security need to be placed under the microscope, and their dysfunctionality questioned. Their collective inability to function has cost the country dearly ... a case of one step forward and ten steps backwards.

We must be regarded as the laughing stock of this continent, let alone the rest of the civilised world. The president needs to reflect and acknowledge that he is surrounded by a grand scale of incompetence.

It's time to act, clean up and include those marginalised communities in taking this country forward. Over the past week, they have proven their commitment to a better SA.

Peter Bachtis, Lakefield, Benoni